5 reasons why you need a social media strategy for your small business

If you’re running a small business and posting to your social media accounts on a fairly regular basis you may be thinking that you don’t really need a strategy! But posting for the sake of it with no real direction or clear objective isn’t going to help your business a great deal and all that time and effort you’re putting into your social media could be wasted.

So, here are 5 important reasons why a social media strategy is essential, no matter how small your business and how it can really benefit you.

1. It will save you time.

Your time is precious! As a busy mum running a business, one of things we all need more of is time. How many times have you sat there staring at your phone or laptop trying to think of what to post on your social media accounts that day? Well by putting a plan in place, you will have a clear direction for your posts and a whole bank of content ready to go out.

2. It will help you post consistently.

Posting consistently to your social media accounts is the key to growing an engaged community of followers.  By having a strategy in place it allows you to plan ahead and schedule content to go out regularly.

3. It will improve the quality of your social media posts.

A social media strategy will give you the opportunity to look into exactly what has been resonating with your audience and what type of posts are working best for your business. So going forward you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t!

4. It will help you really understand your audience.

Having a deep understanding of your target audience is essential if you want to get to know their pain points and how you as a business can solve them. The exercise of creating user personas will enable you to do this much more effectively.

5. It will allow you to meet your business goals quicker

We all have goals in our business, whether it’s moving to bigger premises, taking on more clients or increasing sales. By aligning your social media goals with your business goals and focusing on them for a set period of time it can allow you to reach these goals much quicker and you know that the time and effort you’re putting into your social media isn’t wasted too!

If you’d like to put a social media strategy in place for your business but are not sure where to start, why not join our Members Community. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step. Find out more here.


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