4 reasons why you need a social media content calendar

Using a content calendar is the best way to get organised with your social media posts for the week ahead. A good content calendar contains key dates including awareness days as well as dates that are specifically important to your business, such as new product launches, promotions or when you are publishing blog posts.

You can easily create a content calendar of your own using a spreadsheet, a Google document or even a desk planner. To save you time we’ve created a downloadable content calendar that contains a content idea for each day, including some of the most popular awareness days.

But if you’re still not convinced you actually need a social media content calendar for your small business, keep reading and we’ll explain how it can help.

1. It will save you time

Do you ever sit there trying to decide what to post to your social media accounts? We’ve all wasted time with a mental block and struggled to come up with content ideas, but having a content calendar can help stop this. Planning out your posts in advance will make you more efficient and save you lots of time day-to-day too.

2. It will improve the quality of your content

Posting on social media under pressure because you feel like you need to get something out there isn’t a great strategy. It means you may end up sharing mediocre content that doesn’t get great engagement or resonate with your audience. Planning your posts out on a content calendar will give you the time needed to think through your content and make sure that it’s up to your usual standards.

3. You won’t miss an important date again

There are so many awareness days, weeks and months out there, from National Pet Month to Maternal Mental Health Week to ‘Eat What You Want Day’. It’s easy to miss the ones that are relevant to your business and important to your audience. Even the fun ones like ‘World Cocktail Day’ or ‘National Hug your Cat Day’ can give you a focus for your posts. Having a content calendar that outlines these along with any important dates for your business means you won’t miss a day again.

4. It will help you post consistently

Posting consistently to your social media accounts is the key to growing an engaged community of followers. You don’t want to be posting three times in one day and then nothing for a week. A content calendar can help you plan out your posts so you have content going out on a regular basis.

If you’d like to find out how to download the Social Mums content calendar that has a content idea each day including all the popular awareness days then click here.

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