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Social Mums is a network of local Facebook groups set up to help mums who run small businesses with their social media marketing.

We share helpful tips and advice to busy mums in business and our groups are a place local mums can support each other to grow their businesses using the power of social media, while being supported by a local social media expert.

We organise free local meet ups for group members where you can get to know other local mums in business and put a face to a Facebook profile picture!

We also run a series of regional workshops for small groups aimed at small business owners, solopreneurs and particularly busy parents juggling a business with raising a family. Covering all aspects of social media marketing, from workshops for Instagram beginners to a Facebook Advertising Masterclass.

The Social Mum

Social Mums was founded by Gemma Lloyd (aka The Social Mum!)

Since graduating from the Digital Mums Advanced Social Media Management Course in 2015 Gemma has been building on her new found knowledge and love of social media marketing.

Gemma found that the biggest advantage of being a Digital Mums graduate was being part of the incredibly supportive DMCollective Facebook Group. A place where all Digital Mums graduates, help and support each other in their roles as social media managers.

That was her inspiration for starting Social Mums, she wanted to create a place where Mums in Business could get the same support and have their questions answered about using social media for their businesses. So the first Facebook Group, Social Mums Tunbridge Wells was born and it continues to be an incredibly engaged and active Facebook group with regular monthly meet-ups too.

Gemma is a mum of two. A beautiful, happy, four year old girl and her second, a little boy going through the terrible twos!

Social media is becoming an essential part of starting any business and as so many mums are launching great businesses while also bringing up a family Gemma knows how difficult it is to find the time to do it all.

She felt in the perfect position to offer guidance and support on all aspects of social media while understanding the real juggle mums in business face working around their families.

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