Bespoke Social Media Training for Franchises

Are you the owner of a franchise and would love your franchisees to better understand how to use social media to promote their businesses?

Maybe you’re a franchisee and you know that the other business owners within your company would benefit from some group social media training.

We’ve trained thousands of small business owners to use social media more effectively and we know that the more tailored the training the better.

We can create bespoke group training sessions that are tailored specifically for your particular franchise, so you can come together as a group of franchisees and learn exactly how to promote your businesses on social media.

The training sessions are all held online via Zoom, so it doesn’t matter what area of the UK you are based in. Plus they can range from a quick one hour refresh to more in-depth 4 week courses.

Here are some examples of the training we offer, but please get in touch if you need something else.

Getting Started with Instagram Reels

In this 3 hour online training session we go back to basics and show you how to use ALL of the features within the Instagram Reels editor, so don’t worry if you’ve never created a Reel before we’ve got you covered. And even if you’ve been creating Reels for a while there is always something new to learn! The session includes step-by-step training on using Reels, a Q&A session to get all your questions answered plus lots of bespoke examples and ideas that you can all use to create Reels that will promote your franchise.

Min of 10 participants needed at a cost of £40 per franchisee.

Groups of 20 or more will be £30 per franchisee.

These costs can be invoiced to the individual franchise owners if needed.

Instagram Reels Workshop & Planning Day

This is perfect if you’d like to dedicate a whole day to learning about and planning your Instagram Reels. From 9am to 11am we’ll take you step-by-step through exactly how to create Reels for your franchise. Then from 12pm to 3pm it’s the strategy and planning part of day. (these timings can be adjusted to meet the needs of the group.)

The afternoon session in particular is very interactive and we’ll be brainstorming ideas that you can all use to create Reels in your own unique ways. We want each franchisee to finish the day with a plan for their Instagram Reels so they know exactly what they need to do and are ready to start creating Reels that are perfect for their small business.

Included with this session is a 42 page downloadable Instagram Reels planning workbook packed full of helpful templates and 52 bespoke prompts that can be used to plan your Reels forever!

Min of 10 participants at a cost of £65 per franchisee.

Groups of 20 or more will be £55 per franchisee.

The normal cost to take part in this training is £75 per person.

These costs can be invoiced to the individual franchise owners if needed.

Social Media Strategy Development Day

Over 5 hours we’ll work together as a group to develop a Social Media strategy for your franchise. We strongly believe that every business no matter how small needs a strategy to effectively use social media. As a franchisee you have the advantage of coming together as a team and using your combined knowledge to create an effective in-depth strategy. This will not only help you post more consistently on social media but massively improve the quality of posts too.

In this session we will;

  • Set SMART social media goals that are tailored to your franchise that you can work towards to give yourself a focus.
  • Brainstorm as a group to really understand your target audience and develop detailed user personas.
  • Give you help and advice on the best social media platforms for your franchise.
  • Help you develop your own personality and tone of voice while keeping within your franchise brand guidelines.
  • Analyse some of your competitors to get ideas and inspiration.
  • Build a set of content pillars so you know exactly what to share on social media.
  • Teach you how to pick a posting schedule for each platform that works for you.
  • Come up with content and campaign ideas that will get your followers engaged.
  • And finally show you how to measure your success so you know all the time and effort is making a difference!

Included with this session is a 21 page downloadable workbook that each franchisee can use to create their own social media strategy.

Min of 10 participants at a cost of £65 per franchisee.

Groups of 20 or more will be £55 per franchisee.

These costs can be invoiced to the individual franchise owners if needed.

Bespoke Instagram Accelerator Programme

The Instagram Accelerator Programme is one of our most popular training programmes and we can create a bespoke version that is tailored to your franchise.

Included are 8 hours of live online Instagram training. This is ideally split into four 2 hour sessions that can be run weekly over 4 weeks (or over a shorter time period if preferred.)

This is what’s included in each session;


  • How to fully optimise your Instagram profile so more of those profile visitors become followers.
  • How to make sure your franchise Instagram account is discoverable for your ideal customer.
  • What and how to post to your Instagram feed so you are creating a professional and consistent look while sticking with the franchise brand guidelines.
  • How to craft the perfect caption that gets your followers engaged.
  • A bespoke hashtag strategy for your franchise.


  • How to use Instagram Stories so your audience will grow to know, like and trust you.
  • Creating Story Highlight Albums that sell.
  • How to use Instagram Guides for your business.


  • Going Live on Instagram and how it can get your franchise in front of a new audience.
  • Why Reels should be part of your strategy and exactly how to use them to promote your business (without dancing or pointing!).


  • Understanding the Instagram algorithm.
  • Running successful campaigns including giveaways, competitions, challenges and influencer marketing. Along with lots of bespoke content ideas for your industry.
  • Finally a look at some useful tools and apps that can help improve your Instagram strategy.

During each session participants will also be set tasks to complete which will encourage them to put their new Instagram skills into practice and will push them to really make their franchise stand out on the platform.

We will also set up a dedicated Facebook group for all franchisees taking part where they can ask questions and share their completed tasks to get feedback from a Social Media Expert.

Min of 10 participants at a cost of £85 per franchisee.

Groups of 20 or more will be £75 per franchisee.

These costs can be invoiced to the individual franchise owners if needed.

Please let us know if we can create a bespoke training session or programme for your franchisees. Contact Gemma directly on