Famous five self care tools for business mums like us

‘I wouldn’t change being a mum with my own business for the world. But I would change the world’s view on it…’

‘Mum guilt’ is a phrase used so flippantly lately that, at times, the true essence of the phrase can be overlooked and forgotten.

To feel mum guilt is to feel selfish. It’s to feel uncertainty and it’s to feel a failure.

You’re none of these things. Continue reading

Top tips for working the school hours

I work as a freelance book publicist from my house in Leicestershire. If possible, I try to work between the school drop off and pick up – it is basically 9am through to just after 3pm.  Before my daughter, I was pretty much a workaholic – I loved my job and luckily I still do but after we moved from London about 4 years ago, we left our childcare behind and I started the juggle between parenting and working. Continue reading