I started a hashtag #mealplanningissexy because Meal Planning may well be the sexiest thing you do this year!

I know you probably think I’m off my rocker, but I’m here to make a stand against the stodgy and staid reputation meal planning has in our culture. I meal plan and I’m proud to shout all about it from the rooftops because it means I’m more chilled, I’m spending better quality time with my dudes, I’m able to keep the house looking (slightly more) respectable and I’m saving loads of money every week by doing it. That’s super sexy, right? Continue reading

Top tips for working the school hours

I work as a freelance book publicist from my house in Leicestershire. If possible, I try to work between the school drop off and pick up – it is basically 9am through to just after 3pm.  Before my daughter, I was pretty much a workaholic – I loved my job and luckily I still do but after we moved from London about 4 years ago, we left our childcare behind and I started the juggle between parenting and working. Continue reading