Digital Marketing Virtual Summit

The Digital Marketing Virtual Summit has finished but don’t worry you can still get access to the recordings to watch back.

It was an incredible week with 30 value packed sessions from 30 inspirational speakers covering Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Websites and so much more. All of the sessions were tailored to small business owners who do it all themselves and there was so much helpful advice shared, every session was packed full of value.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say;

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Summit this week. I learnt so much from all the speakers, it was brilliant!”


“The Speakers all explained everything so well and every session was jam packed with useful info. Thank you so much for organising and hosting such a fab event.”


“I just wanted to thank you so much for all of these webinars. I am so impressed and massively grateful. You’ve been an amazing host and your speakers have been first class. Congratulations and thank you again.”


“I just wanted to say that your Virtual Summit is utterly amazing! You’ve picked some great speakers and there’s amazing value. I’m really enjoying all of it.”


“I just wanted to say thank you and how blown away I am about the Virtual Summit. You have worked so hard and wow it’s been amazing!”


The recordings of all 30 sessions are exclusively available to our Members Community which you can join today for only £22 per month (no minimum membership required, you can cancel at any time).

By joining the Members Community you will also get..

  • Instant access to our membership site that contains 30 additional masterclasses and training videos.
  • All of our downloadable worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets to help with your social media planning.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask your social media questions to our experts and network with other members.
  • Relaxed, informal online monthly networking where you can connect with members and promote what you do.
  • Twice monthly brainstorming sessions where you can apply to be in the hot seat.
  • Monthly goal setting sessions so you can be held accountable to reach those goals.
  • A monthly round up of the latest social media updates, news, recommendations and research that are important to small business owners.

Here’s what one of our current members has to say;

“What an excellent week of speakers you put together. You’re amazing and I am so glad I took the leap to be one of your founding Social Mums Community Members. Thank you for always bringing new things and people to the group, it really is a great, inspiring and knowledgeable community to be part of.”


The Line Up;

Meet the Speakers

9am Monday 28th February

The Future of Instagram: How to stay relevant on an ever changing platform with Gemma Lloyd

Gemma is the founder of Social Mums and is passionate about helping small business owners who juggle running a successful business, with family life, make the best of their social media. After a long career in marketing, she has been specialising in social media for the last 7 years and training small business owners since 2017.

In the very first session Gemma is going to talk about the Future of Instagram and what we know about all the upcoming changes. It’s a social media platform she is incredibly passionate about and one that never stands still. She’ll take you through how you can stay relevant and tips and advice to make it work for your small business in 2022 and beyond.

10am Monday 28th February

Becoming A Wizard With Words – How to write with personality & pizzazz with Liane Abrams

In this session, we’ll dive DEEP into how adding personality and a sprinkling of SEO-pizzazz into your copywriting can make the world of difference to your business. Focusing on tone of voice, website copywriting and a dash of SEO, together we’ll get you feeling more confident about copywriting so that you can attract your dream clients (and tick all of Google’s boxes, too!).

  • Why your copy matters
  • Figuring out your Tone Of Voice
  • Website copywriting & UX best practices
  • A brief introduction to SEO copywriting

Liane Abrams, The Content Creator is a copywriter and SEO-er working with creative business owners to turn ideas into magical words. By focusing on creating copy that wows your ideal client and helps Google to fall in love with your website, Liane helps clients to develop creative, magical, storytelling copy that sends clients into a blaze of excitement at the prospect of working with you.

11am Monday 28th February

Increase your Revenue with SEO with Andrea Rainsford

It’s easy to increase traffic to a website. What isn’t easy is increasing traffic that converts into revenue. In this session Andrea will cover her top tips on how to ensure you implement a SEO strategy into 360 degrees of visibility around your business. To gain that increase in revenue from SEO.

Andrea had an extensive career in the corporate world, working as a Business Development Manager for GVA Grimley, Ernst & Young and Eversheds. A career change beckoned and in 2009, Andrea graduated with a HND in Applied Computing followed by a BSc in Computing Science. Followed by a need to help and guide female entrepreneurs and small businesses and SEO Angel was born in 2014. SEO Angel aims to de-mystify SEO, to help small businesses with their visibility and watch them thrive!

12pm Monday 28th February

Building Your Social Search Footprint with a Google Business Profile with Melanie Boylan

In this session you’ll find out how a Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story.

Melanie Boylan runs STOMP Social Media Training and has been providing Social Media Training and consultation to business owners, local authorities, State Bodies and Corporates since 2013. She helps them create sense out of disorder and helps staff and teams become more measured and accountable with their Digital Marketing.

1pm Monday 28th February

Creativity, Consistency & Conversions: Email Marketing That Works with Lorna Scully

Email marketing can provide a great return on investment. According to Lorna for every £1 you spend on email you can expect an average return of £35.41. Who wouldn’t want that? In this session, you will leave with:

  • an easy to follow process for generating ideas for your email marketing campaigns
  • an understanding of automation & ideas to get started with
  • how to know if your emails are working or not and what success looks like to you

Lorna Scully is a no-BS small business supporter, helping businesses just like yours to get seen, make money, and feel good about it along the way!

Having worked in corporate digital marketing for multiple million-pound e-commerce corporations, Lorna knows a thing or two about how to turn ideas into sales. Ditching the corporate life 3 years ago, Lorna now helps the small-but-mighty businesses of the world to use the untapped power of email marketing to bring home the bacon – and get more of the world’s money in your pocket, not Mr Bezos’.

Through 1:1 training, guided email marketing programmes and done-for-you services, Lorna helps small businesses to understand, embrace and reap the rewards of email marketing – so that your business can grow, fast.

2pm Monday 28th February

Set your Facebook ads up for success with Rachel Fallon

This session will look at why and how Facebook ads can help to grow your business. Rachel from Black Parrot Social will include an overview of the steps you need to take to get the best results from ads you can, including;

  • Audiences & targeting; a run down of the audiences available and the best ones to use.
  • Creative; what works and ideas to test
  • The tech; the pixel, your website & the bits in-between – what you need to know to get the best results!

Rachel has a background in PR & marketing and when she lived in Cornwall, she worked for chef Rich Stein. She has since upskilled in Facebook ads and has been working as a freelance ads specialist since 2019. She works largely with growing ecomm businesses – in particular and also completed extensive training in Google Ads last year. In November she was delighted to be included in Databox’s global list of ‘Facebook ads specialists to watch in 2022’.

9am Tuesday 1st March

Really Understand Instagram Reels with Emma York

Do you want to increase your reach, gain leads and grow your Instagram account? Instagram Reels are an excellent feature and one that used consistently can help you to reach hundreds if not thousands of users not already following you. This session will help you get to grips with the do’s and don’ts, where to start and how.

Emma is a social media trainer, Facebook Ads manager and owner of Fresh Approach Digital. Working in the social media sector for over a decade Emma is an experienced speaker and trainer specialising in working with business owners, helping them to navigate all of the benefits and features of Instagram.

10am Tuesday 1st March

How to plan a powerful digital marketing strategy with Hannah Martin

Discover the steps you need to follow to plan a powerful digital marketing strategy that will grow your brand and build sales. At the end of the session you’ll get a handy free tool that will make it really simple to start planning your strategy today.

Talented Ladies Club Founder Hannah Martin is an award-winning copywriter, and qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. She’s also a popular business coach and trainer, and creates and runs online training courses and coaching programmes.

Hannah has led workshops for Country Living Magazine and Mumsnet (where her session was voted ‘most popular’ at an event – even beating Instagram!). She’s also a mentor for NatWest’s Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, and a member of two All Party Parliamentary Groups (Women and Work, and Women in Business).

Hannah is a passionate campaigner for women’s issues, and frequently appears in the media talking about topics like maternity discrimination, imposter syndrome, business psychology and multi-level marketing (MLM).

11am Tuesday 1st March

No one cares – just get it out there on Social Media with Vicky Price

Vicky runs CreatiV content club where she helps business owners create content. When it comes to social media so many people over think it, but it’s about getting you across. In this session she will cover how to come up with ideas and not give up.

Vicky loves helping small businesses get seen. Her background is in Marketing, for a publishers and health charity. She is also a writer and single mother of 5. She set up CreatiV Communications to help business owners with their marketing.

12pm Tuesday 1st March

SEO for the Terrified with Elaine Pasini

In this myth-busting session, Elaine, founder of Pickled Ginger Marketing is going to look at search engine optimisation. She will cover what Google wants from us and how to research keywords. As well as share tips on speeding up your website too.

Elaine founded Pickled Ginger Marketing after working with men who made out SEO to be as hard as brain surgery. Super high fees and spewing jargon. Having worked in law most of her working life, Elaine switched to research for optimised content and digital marketing 10 years ago and since then has built her team. Still has a weird passion for law but Elaine now trains & coaches all business areas for SEO whilst her team work on actual SEO management.

1pm Tuesday 1st March

The Power of Podcasting to Connect with Your Ideal Clients with Kelly Walsh

This session covers why podcasting is a powerful tool for teaching your ideal client including why now is the right time to start, the trajectory of podcasting in digital marketing, how you can build trust and like ability and how podcasting can reach people in ways that other digital marketing platforms cannot.

Kelly Walsh is passionate about supporting women in business to develop their confidence and create powerful connection through the platform of podcasting. She has a deep belief that sharing your core message using the power of your voice is a way to make meaningful connections and grow your business. Through her own podcast ‘Powerful Podcasting’ she supports and teaches others the art of podcasting. She is Mum of 2 little ones and loves all things podcasting, books and musicals.

2pm Tuesday 1st March

How to make your Social Media Marketing inclusive to a deaf, blind and visually impaired audience with Simone Mardell

In this session Simone will share best practice for reaching a deaf, blind and visually impaired audience. This includes, rules for graphic creation, use of image description and alt text, auto captions, camel case hashtags and much more.
Although the session specifically talks about deaf, blind and partially sighted people, these guidelines are good practice to reach any audience as many of these features are useful for mobile phone users, dyslexic people and even your SEO.

Simone Mardell is a Social Media Manager who offers a “Done For You” service. Complete support from strategy to analytics and everything in between. Simone’s niche is working with creatives and creative community interest companies (CICs).
Simone is also a volunteer for Kent Association for the Blind.

9am Wednesday 2nd March

Should my business be on TikTok with Penelope Walker

You may think TikTok is just for teens but it’s a booming marketplace and a hive of creativity and the fastest growing social media platform around. In this session Penny will show you how to find and grow a new audience and push followers over to your Instagram. She will also cover TikTok profile basics, the kind of content that works and how to make money on TikTok.

Penny is the owner of social media agency @BarBrusa_social. Specialising in teaching fun-loving, lifestyle brands to create personality-led content for TikTok and Instagram.

Her goal is to give you the skills, confidence and mindset to produce effective short-form video fast, without eating into your busy day.

With more than six years of experience working in content, design and social media, Penny can help you to raise brand awareness, connect with new audiences and boost your monthly revenue. And – best of all – you’ll have a blast doing it.

10am Wednesday 2nd March

Blogging isn’t Dead! with Katie Carr

In this session Digital Content Fairy Katie Carr is going to talk about blogging and how important it still is as a small business owner. She will cover planning, what and how to write as well as how to repurpose your blog content. She’ll also touch on the website SEO benefits too. So whether you’ve been blogging for a while or are thinking about creating a blog,  you will be sure to pick up some tips to make it work for you.

Katie has worked with a variety of brilliant small businesses to help take their content to the next level. Katie bridges the gap between dry marketing copy and authentic storytelling to create compelling websites, social media captions, lead magnets,  blogs and newsletters.

11am Wednesday 2nd March

How to start and build your email list with Teresa Heath-Wareing

We all know why having an email list is important for our business, but how do we get started and then grow an email list full of potential customers? In this session Marketing Expert Teresa will walk you through her 5 step process to starting your email.

Teresa Heath-Wareing is an International best-selling author, award winning speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster and business owner. She is an online business, marketing & mindset expert who works with business owners from across the world, helping them to build a business and life they love.

12pm Wednesday 2nd March

Super charge your Facebook Ad’s using social proof with Sophie Griffiths

This practical session will focus on how social proof can help parents with limited time and headspace choose your brand over the competition. The session will include:

  • Why social proof is an essential part of your marketing strategy
  • 3 types of social proof and how to collect it
  • 3 ways to super charge your Ad’s using social proof

Sophie helps mum-run businesses with big ambitions but limited time. She specialises in using Facebook & Instagram Ad’s to help clients grow a business that gives them the time freedom they thought they’d get when they started their business and the financial freedom that might seem unachievable right now. Through her business The Social Pod, she offers 1:1 training as well as full Ad’s management and is about to launch a podcast called ‘Growing Pains’!

1pm Wednesday 2nd March

3 Engaging Videos to Create with Canva Today with Danielle Bayes

Canva is one of THE essential tools for any small business, especially now it includes its very own video editor. During this session, Danielle will look at using Canva to create 3 different videos:

  • A product reveal
  • A poll video
  • A screenshot video

Danielle graduated (a fair few years ago) with a degree in media studies, and worked as a primary school teacher before freelancing as a social media manager. She now combines all three in her business Videos Undifficulted, helping small business owners and freelancers get visible with video, no matter their level of skill or experience.

2pm Wednesday 2nd March

Creating Instagram content that converts with Janine Hardy

Instagram can be a powerful tool in growing your business so, in this session, Janine will be taking you through how to create content that not only speaks to your ideal audience but converts them from casual bystanders to raving fans or even paying clients! Content creations don’t have to be all-consuming it gets to be fun, it doesn’t have to take up all of your time and it can generate sales. In her session she’ll be covering:

  • Why your content isn’t resonating
  • Mastering your messaging
  • How to make your content work harder for you

Janine helps coaches, consultants and online service providers build connections with their audience by telling their stories on social media. Janine specialises in Instagram and Facebook and uses her skills to enable clients to have an impactful social media presence that attracts more of their ideal audience. Through her business Connected Inspired Janine offers done for you social media management services, consulting, 1:1 and training. 

9am Thursday 3rd March

Creating an integrated content marketing plan with Charelle Griffith

Content plays a central role in marketing a business online. However, it is easy to focus on each marketing channel or platform by itself, rather than planning across all of the ways you are marketing your business.
In this session marketing expert Charelle Griffith will show you how to create an integrated content marketing plan for your email, social media and long-form content. You’ll learn how to ensure your content is strategic, as well as ensuring that the content you create is working as hard as possible for your business.

Charelle Griffith is a Chartered Marketer, award-winning business blogger, and business and marketing strategist for solo coaches, consultants and online service providers.

With a passion for supporting solopreneurs and small business owners, Charelle focused on taking the overwhelm out of marketing and instead creates marketing strategies that allow her clients to shine online, consistently create content that converts and ultimately build a business they love (and that pays them properly).

Charelle is passionate about supporting women to fulfill their potential. Outside of her business Charelle has inspired hundreds of women to read more books through her online non-fiction book club, PropelHer’s Book Club.

10am Thursday 3rd March

How to build a killer website that converts with Ruby Lee

In this purposefully packed session Ruby will advise you how to get your business website online. She will look at what platform to choose and cover easily implementable tips on how to increase conversions. This is a great session for anyone who is looking to create a new website as well as those with an existing site too.

Ruby is the Founder and Creative Director of website design studio, Studio 77 and website template business Squarebase. With over a decade of experience, working in all sorts of industries from global tech giants and small independents, Ruby now focuses her time in the health and wellness space, and is on a mission to banish bad website design and empower small businesses.

11am Thursday 3rd March

The world of Google Ads and where to focus first with Thuha Wright

In this session Pay-Per-Click Expert Thuha of Digital Seamstress will give us an introduction to the different forms of Google Ads such as search, display, shopping and YouTube. She will also explain as a small business owner when to use each type and where.

Thuha has been a Google Ads Specialist since 2006. A Mum of two who left the corporate world to freelance and support small businesses with their Google Ads Strategies. A complete data nerd so if you love numbers or need someone who does, Thuha could be a perfect fit for you.

12pm Thursday 3rd March

Tackle Imposter Syndrome and uplevel your confidence with Rebecca Daniel and Sarah Bramall

As a small business owner many aspects of Digital Marketing involve putting yourself out there but for many of us lack of confidence and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome can hold us back.

Join Transformation Coaches, Rebecca Daniel and Sarah Bramall as they talk all about Imposter Syndrome and top tips on how you can uplevel your confidence.

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Understand what imposter syndrome is and where it comes from.
  • Identify your imposter and challenge your beliefs.
  • Walk away equipped with strategies to challenge your imposter.

Sarah and Rebecca are co-founders of ‘The Coaching Catalysts’. As qualified coaches, teachers, Neurolinguistic Programming and Personality and Behaviour Practitioners they create change through transformation coaching, training and consultancy. Their aligned passion for impact enables them to work with female professionals and entrepreneurs who are keen to live life on their terms whilst feeling fulfilled in all aspects of their lives.

1pm Thursday 3rd March

How To Build Your Brand Through Online PR with Pippa Goulden

In this session PR Expert Pippa takes us through the benefits of Online PR as well as highlighting all the routes to get PR online. Her session will also include;

  • Why having a strategic approach is important and how to build a simple strategy for your brand 
  • Top tips for getting PR (how to find opportunities, how to pitch to journalists, what to think about)
  • How to maximise the online PR you get through your other marketing activity – giving you the most bang for your buck!

Pippa started The PR Set to offer a flexible approach to PR for small businesses and give them the confidence and knowledge they need to get the results for themselves.  Pippa is passionate about making PR accessible for small biz owners and indie brands and demystifying PR to show them that they can do it.

2pm Thursday 3rd March

Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses with Vicky Sills

Many small businesses would like to try influencer marketing but assume you need the big bucks to work with influencers or they’re are worried if they gift items, they’ll get burned.

In this session Vicky will help explain the process and debunk some of those myths. It will include;

  • An intro into influencer marketing
  • When is it PR and when is it influencer marketing?
  • How to find and engage with influencers (Macro Vs Micro)
  • Things to consider when planning an influencer campaign + getting the most out of your budget
  • Is it a #gift an #ad or a “paid partnership”?
  • Influencer marketing and the ASA

Vicky has 20yrs experience in B2C marketing, and before launching Lemonade Social in 2018, spent 5 years working in the Creative Solutions team at the London Evening Standard, working with brands including British Airways, Starbucks, and Andrew Lloyd Webber Productions. Prior to her role at ES, Vicky worked for a film partnerships agency, working on above and below the line media partnerships and promotions. Her clients included Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Fox.

Vicky now specialises in organic social media management and influencer marketing and has managed social media campaigns for Celebrity Mum / Dad of the Year sponsorship, Instagram Story brand takeovers and new product launches.

9am Friday 4th March

Create a personal brand which gets you seen by your ideal customers with Ella Orr

Personal branding is not just a buzzword created by marketers. It’s a perfect way for you to stand out from your competitors using your uniqueness and individuality. In this session Ella will explain why your personal brand is relevant as a small business owner and how you can start building and developing yours. She will also take you through how to create content around your personal brand to complement your business brand, and how this will enable you to be seen by your ideal customers.

Ella Orr is a personal branding and social media strategist and the owner of Much More Social, which she started in 2018. Before retraining in social media marketing, she was a teacher for many years.
Ella runs individual and group training as well as consultancy on personal branding, social media strategy and content creation. She delivers masterclasses to memberships and has been a guest on podcasts and live stream interviews.
LinkedIn is her go-to platform but she is active in many of the main social media spaces as well as social audio such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

10am Friday 4th March

Scroll-stopping Facebook Ads visuals in 5 easy steps with Michaela Parker

In this informative session Facebook Ads Expert Michaela will share tips to help you produce amazing creative for your Facebook ads that will get people clicking through, as well as some no-nos too.

Michaela lives in Nottingham with her partner and two daughters. She started her social media consultancy Wild Social in 2017 and helps product based businesses increase their website traffic through Facebook Ads and Pinterest marketing.

11am Friday 4th March

How to accelerate your performance through Digital wellbeing with Julie Biela

In this session Corporate Mental Wellbeing and Resilience trainer Julie will explain what we mean by digital wellness and look at why it is so important. She will take you through the benefits and challenges of technology in the modern world and share some tools to help you maintain self-control and boundaries for optimum wellness.

Julie Biela is the founder of Mint Leaf Consulting and has over 15 years of experience as a senior HR professional within the corporate sector. Some of her previous employers include KPMG, Barclays, Gartner, and London Business School.

The topic of mental wellbeing has always been close to her heart both professionally and personally. Her personal experience of burnout impacted her fertility, and she also supported a loved one through a mental health crisis.

Based on her experiences, Julie wants to help de-stigmatise conversations around mental health and help people understand how to build on their resilience.

12pm Friday 4th March

How to Do Less & Earn More with Online Courses with Karen Davies

This session will cover why you need to have a digital course in your business and how it can help you create time and financial freedom that you truly desire. Digital Marketing Consultant Karen will dispel the myths and fears that stop people taking the steps needed to get started and then show you how to get started in creating and launching a digital course.

Karen Davies is the Founder & Creative Director at Pink Lemon Branding & Design Ltd; an Award-winning brand studio based in the heart of Kent that offers everything from branding to one-off designs to long term marketing solutions and digital course creation.

Karen feels that many businesses (particularly new businesses) have an incredible vision but don’t know how to articulate it. Once they are able to create a tangible set of goals and put measures in place to reach those goals, their businesses just fly!

1pm Friday 4th March

How To Boost Your Business With Pinterest with Lianne Harris

Pinterest is the underdog of social media and in this session Lianne will educate you on how you can utilise it to its full potential. Her session will include;

  • What makes an eye-catching Pin
  • How to write a killer Pin description
  • Find Keywords and current trends
  • Plus a brief outline of Ads

Having graduated in 2009 from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge in Business Management BA (Hons), Lianne worked to develop her business, administrative and marketing knowledge to enable her to set up her own business. In 2018, after being made redundant from an International Law Firm, Lianne took the opportunity to start her own Pinterest and Social Media business, Pinned Social.

In this time she has been featured in Grazia, The Guardian and has been able to work globally with Clients as well as having spoken nationally and internationally, teaching entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest and social media for their businesses.

2pm Friday 4th March

Diversifying Digital Storytelling with Shannon Walker

This session delivered by multi-disciplined creative communications professional Shannon Walker will share expert tips on how businesses can be more diverse and inclusive in their digital marketing and the benefits of this.

It will look at language use, visual representations, disability and accessible marketing tips, and more as Shannon delves into practical ways to boost mindful marketing and cultural intelligence internally and on external channels.

The goal is to empower you to build inclusive marketing that embraces different perspectives and people of diverse backgrounds to produce culturally rich storytelling and resonate with all people.

Shannon is a specialist in transformative communications that empower change for the collective good using community building and inspiring creative solutions. She worked in the comms industry for 9 years leading creative digital PR campaigns for iconic luxury brands before founding Social Disruption, which she now uses to help brands create more culturally rich and purposeful comms.