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Brand Coach Julia Heffer from BE Creative shares all the branding tips you need to kick-start or reboot your personal brand!
In this session Mi will show you how to plan your videos and the structure you need to think about to connect on a deeper level with your audience and grow your following. She will also give you a quick introduction to editing to raise the look of your end result.
Gemma Lloyd takes you through a tried and tested method of managing all of your social media in only 30 minutes a day. Including downloadable checklists containing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
Video creator Jo Brunwin will take you through several of the best tools for creating videos using only your phone; the easy and, most importantly, the FUN way!
Being social on Instagram is key! In this Masterclass with Gemma Lloyd we take you through lots of tips to help you engage on Instagram as a small business the right way.
In this session Lauren shares some of her top tips that will help you capture decent video content using just your smartphone camera, including planning and storyboarding, lighting, sound and composition and ways to take your video content up a level.
Amy is an expert in content repurposing and the Founder of Content 10x – a niche creative agency. She helps content creators grow their audience by maximizing their return on the content they create.
In this 45 min session Gemma will take you through the importance of adding value to your followers feeds. She’ll show you how focusing on your audience’s needs and solving their problems can help you create a social media strategy that works.
Did you know that you can create eye-catching video content using Canva? In this session Gemma will show you how you can quickly and easily create videos that will stand out on social media using Canva.
Gemma Lloyd takes you through how to run successful competitions on social media. Including some important dos and don’ts for each platform.
Gemma Lloyd takes you through what the Facebook Pixel is and how you can set up and use this incredibly useful Facebook tool to improve your Facebook and Instagram Ads.
Facebook Power Admins Steve and Sam share five insider secrets they usually only share with their clients, with actionable steps you can take today to ensure you are building your Facebook group daily with targeted leads for your business.
In this practical run through Gemma will take you step-by-step through how to use all of the features on Instagram Reels for your business.
In this Masterclass Pinterest Strategist Eve will teach you about the visual content you can share on Pinterest as well as being consistent with your strategy and understanding what is and isn’t working. 
Delivered by Happiness Coach, Maxine this session is for anyone who runs their own business and feels like they spend too much time on their phone. 
Coming up with content ideas every day to share on social media is one of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners. In this practical session Gemma will show you how you can plan a month’s worth of valuable and effective content in just 30 mins.
In this session run by networking ninja Joanne Dewberry you will learn how to use Twitter Hours to expand your network as well as how to use Facebook Groups to build relationships the right way.
Is your to-do list as long as your arm? In this session Gemma takes you through key strategies that are essential to reduce your social media work load.
Experienced copywriter and social media professional Kirstin will walk you through the simple formula that ensures you’ll never be short of something to say.
If you feel overwhelmed by the number of apps and tools out there, you’re not alone! We’ve tried and tested them all and in this session we share the best ones for small business owners and more importantly show you how to use them too!
In this session Wendy takes you through why you should consider influencer marketing as a small business as well as how to find the right influencers to work with and the best ways to approach them.
Gemma will help you build on your social media content strategy. She’ll look at how you can take your audience through the funnel from getting to know you and your business, liking you and then trusting you enough to buy from you.
This session run by professional video creator Jo, will equip you with the best strategy, tools & tech to create consistent marketing videos that can help to attract, engage and sell out your small business offers.
Gemma will take you through the basics of getting started with this incredible design tool. It’s the perfect intro for anyone that is new to Canva.
Chatbot Specialist Sarah shows you how to create a chatbot that your customers enjoy using (without needing to be techy or know how to code).
Facebook Ads Strategist Michelle McCance takes us through exactly what Apple’s new operating system means for the future of Facebook Ads. She explains the impact it will have on your ads and the things you need to be doing as a small business.
Social Media Marketer Ella Orr from Much More Social shares lots of tips and tricks to make your posts stand out on LinkedIn.
Every month Gemma Lloyd, shares an in-depth look at the social media news and updates that matter to small business owners.

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