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You know that getting it right on social media can make your business a success.

But as a busy woman in business you have lots to juggle and sometimes all that time and effort you’re putting into social media is not getting you where you want to be.

Introducing the


Let us help you to get social media right for your business.

Doors to the Members Community are currently open for a limited time only and we’re giving you the opportunity to become a founding member for only £17 per month. 

What’s included? 

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What makes the members Community different?

We know that there are lots of memberships out there so I’m sure you want to know what makes ours different?

  • The Social Mums Members Community focuses on improving your small business social media. It’s run by professionally trained social media consultants, so you know the help and advice you’re receiving is the most up-to-date and from an expert.

  • Most memberships have a website for training and a separate Facebook group for support. With ours everything can be found within our private Facebook group. We make use of Facebook’s e-learning units, so there is no need to download additional apps or software. You can quickly and easily access the community whenever you check into Facebook. There is one place to ask your questions, learn and get support and it’s somewhere you go everyday – Facebook!

  • We know you lead busy lives, so all of our training videos are no longer than 5 minutes. Plus the action points included in the training are all achievable and things you can implement straight away.

  • You will get access to all available Units from the day you join. Plus brand new training units will be added each month. These include ‘Getting started with Facebook and Instagram ads’, ‘Mastering Instagram Stories’ and ‘The ultimate guide to hashtags’ that includes the exact hashtag strategy we use to grow the Social Mums Instagram account by nearly 1k followers per month

  • There will be a Live Masterclass every single week in the group, these will be run by Gemma Lloyd the founder of Social Mums or one of her team, the Social Mums Pros.

  • There will also be a monthly challenge that will aim to push you out of your comfort zone and to try new things on social media.

What our current members have to say

“The weekly live masterclasses are fantastic (although I usually catch up in my own time!). They really delve into the nitty gritty of social media that can often seem overwhelming.” – Lauren Woolf, Changing the Tale.

“I have learnt so much in the community already about social media, and still working my way through the very useful units and videos. There’s always fresh content, and new ideas and tips to keep improving your business. It’s so worth the membership and the support from other members is great too. It’s a big ‘thumbs up’ for me and a massive ‘thank you.'”

“The Social Mums Members Community is a really great, friendly community full of useful tools in helping me get better at using social media productively for my business. The units are easy to follow and the videos are helpful and informative. Gemma has provided some great tips and the handy print outs to keep track of goals, targets and more are an added bonus. As a new start up business with only basic knowledge of social media, joining this community has been full of fab tips and planted seeds to help me grow and move my business forward more effectively on Facebook & Instagram.” – Steph @themindfulmumbox

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Let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Gemma, the founder of Social Mums. I have over 15 years experience in marketing and for the past four years I’ve been specialising in social media management and training for small businesses.

I’m a huge social media geek! The world of social media changes so quickly and I love nothing better than keeping up with the latest trends and developments. But what I really enjoy is taking the latest updates and research and working out how a small business can really utilise them. I’ve been doing this successfully for the past 4 years for clients and in the dozens of face-to-face and online workshops I’ve been running and now I’m putting everything together in one place for you in the Members Community.

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What will you find inside the community?

The Facebook group is packed full of useful training videos and posts that have been carefully put together with the small business owner in mind. Social media is constantly evolving, as algorithms change and new features are rolled out, we’ll update the community to keep up. It will always be a place with the latest strategies and advice.

Our training is organised into Units and currently contains the following;

  • Goal setting
  • Nailing your ideal customer
  • Choosing the right platforms and having a mission.
  • Checking out your competitors
  • Your tone of voice
  • Optimise your Facebook page
  • Optimise your Instagram profile
  • The Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping
  • Getting started with Instagram
  • Mastering Instagram Stories
  • What’s your Instagram style?
  • The Ultimate guide to hashtags
  • Using the Facebook Pixel
  • Getting started with Facebook Ads
  • It’s all about the content plan
  • How to get your Facebook posts seen
  • Our guide to Facebook Live
  • Going Live on Instagram
  • Our guide to IGTV
  • Running competitions on social media
  • Creating videos for social media
  • Scheduling tools
  • The best apps and tools
  • Understanding Insights and Analytics
  • The best royalty free image sites.
  • Optimising your Twitter profile
  • Things to avoid on social media
  • Getting started with Twitter
  • Using Twitter lists
  • Joining and hosting Twitter chats
  • Understanding the Instagram algorithm and increasing enagagement
  • Using Instagram nametags

And then we’ll also be adding the following in the coming months too

  • Getting started with Pinterest
  • Getting started with LinkedIn
  • Grow an engaged Facebook group
  • How to use influencer marketing
  • Using Canva
  • TikTok – what you need to know
  • How to create an Instagram puzzle feed.

Watch the video below to get a quick tour of the Members Community.

There will also be the following shared weekly;

✨Every Sunday we’ll share content ideas for the week ahead including some current or trending hashtags to try out.

✨ On Monday you will have the opportunity to share your social media goals for the week ahead, we’ll give you some pointers to help you achieve them, plus we’ll hold you accountable and check in with you at the end of the week to see how you got on.

✨ We’ll share an app or tool of the week that we recommend you try out plus tips and tricks to get the best from it.

✨ There will also be a weekly round-up of the latest social media news and updates that matter to you.

✨ Plus lots of great community building posts that will help us get to know you all better and learn about each others businesses.

Live Masterclass

Every single week we’ll host a Live Masterclass on a different aspect of social media. These Masterclasses will be an indepth look at a particular aspect of social media. You can pay £35 for one Masterclass or Webinar like this elsewhere and we’ll be including one every week, making our membership fee incredible value.

We’ve had some great subjects over the last few months;

  • How to be more efficient with social media for your business. This Live masterclass will share lots of tips and tricks to help you get things done more efficiently, saving you time and improving the quality of your posts.
  • How to grow an engaged Facebook Group. We’ll teach you how to grow your Facebook group as well as keep your members engaged.
  • Running a successful Instagram Challenge. We take you through exactly how we’ve used Instagram Challenges to grow the Social Mums account by over 1.4k followers during the month of the challenge.
  • Plus many more!

Plus if you can’t make a Live Masterclass you can always catch up in the group and you’ll be able to watch back any of the Masterclasses as often as you wish.

Doors to the Members Community are currently open for a limited time only and the founding member offer of £17 per month will not be repeated.

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Plus for anyone that wants a little extra 1:1 support you can upgrade to a VIP?

If you upgrade to VIP Membership we’re giving you the opportunity to work closely with Gemma Lloyd the founder of Social Mums to develop your social media marketing and strategy. You will be given full access to the Social Mums Members Community and all of the amazing benefits that come with that. Plus with VIP Membership you will get a full audit of your social media profiles, monthly 1:1 sessions with Gemma, feedback on your activity, action tasks for the month ahead plus a dedicated email address direct to Gemma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a mum to join?

No, most definitely not. All of our social media experts are mums, so we feel we’re in the perfect position to offer help and advice to others mum in business but this doesn’t mean you have to be a mum to join. All of the training in the Members Community is suitable for any small business owner, freelancer or solopreneur.

Is the Members Community right for my business?

The training in the Members Community is designed to help and support both product based and services based businesses. So whether you’re a designer, maker, photographer, make-up artist, coffee shop owner or consultant as long as you run the social media for a small business you will find the training helpful.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your membership to the Members Community at any time by emailing

If you have any other questions about the Social Mums Members Community please ask us below.