Support Groups

Through our network of local Facebook Groups, Social Mums offers help and support to mums in business with their social media marketing.

Our groups are free to join and give busy mums who run a business the opportunity to support each other in building their businesses using the power of social media, while being guided and advised by a local social media professional.


Social Mums Tunbridge Wells

This incredibly active and engaged Facebook Group is managed by Gemma Lloyd, The Social Mum. If you’re a mum in business in or around Tunbridge Wells request to join us today.

Social Mums London Cover

Social Mums London

We’re looking to expand this newly launched Facebook Group, so if you’re a mum in business in London, please request to join us today.

What our group members had to say

“I really love this support group.. It feels like such a loving vibe in here, where we all support one another’s rise.” – Katie Bullen, member of Social Mums Tunbridge Wells

“I think this group is fantastic, really helpful and supportive. I have made some great contacts already and my business is benefiting from being here. Really glad I found Social Mums.” – Tracy Deiton, member of Social Mums Tunbridge Wells

“I love being a part of this group! The daily tips and advice have been really useful. The online support from other local mums has been invaluable. Using the daily tips and with the support from other members, I have seen a real different in my online engagement.” – Natasha Robinson, member of Social Mums Tunbridge Wells

“Such a friendly and useful resource for local mum’s in business. Very glad I found this group!” – Sophie Goodchild, member of Social Mums Tunbridge Wells

“I discovered Social Mums a few weeks ago now and am finding the group support fantastic. There is a great community spirit to the group and I feel I can ask any silly questions without feeling I’m a total ludite.” – Charlotte Cunliffe, member of Social Mums Tunbridge Wells