Small Business Virtual Summit

The Small Business Virtual Summit has finished but don’t worry you can still get access to the recordings to watch back.

It was an incredible week with 30 value packed sessions from some amazing and inspirational speakers covering everything from social media strategies to business planning to money mindset.

All of the webinar sessions were tailored to small business owners and were packed full of helpful tips and advice that you can implement straight away.

The recordings of the sessions are exclusively available to our Members Community which you can join for only £22 per month (no minimum membership required, you can cancel at any time).

By joining the Members Community you will also get..

  • Instant access to our membership site that contains 50 additional masterclasses and training videos.
  • All of our downloadable worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets to help with your social media planning.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask your social media questions to our experts and network with other members.
  • Relaxed, informal online monthly networking where you can connect with members and promote what you do.
  • Twice monthly brainstorming sessions where you can apply to be in the hot seat.
  • Monthly goal setting sessions so you can be held accountable to reach those goals.
  • A monthly round up of the latest social media updates, news, recommendations and research that are important to small business owners.

Here is the full line up of speakers and sessions;

Gemma Lloyd – The Latest Social Media News & Updates for Small Business Owners

Lucy Werner – How to Hype Yourself

Faye Ceyhan – Unleash your Niche

Charelle Griffith – Create a high-converting content marketing plan

Mel Booth – Simple Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners

Ella Orr – Get your business known through your personal brand

Charlotte Wise – How your socials and website can work together to maximise sales for your business

Brianna Harvey – Social Media Strategy Made Easy

Rhea Freeman – 5 Ways to promote your brand for free

Jenna Ewing – Aligning Your Business With The Moon

Speed Networking with other attendees!

Anna Skipwith – How to Engage Effectively and Build your Community on Instagram

Sophie Griffiths – How to quickly grow an email list full of dream clients using simple, effective Facebook Ads

Yolanda Sissing – Are your next clients on LinkedIn?

Tamara Holland – How to create a Marketing Campaign Plan

Nicola Webster – Reels made Simple

Hannah Gee – How to generate creative ideas

Live Social Media Q&A Session with Gemma Lloyd

Lucy Green – The Strategy Shift  – Go From Hired Help To Specialist Support (And Charge Accordingly!)

Laura Steerman – Storytelling your business solution

Natalie Gurluk – Make a Successful Plan for your Business

Claire Clark – How to promote your event on Facebook, without paying for Ads

Emma Jefferys – Overcome Overwhelm

Gemma Lloyd – How to become a Successful Freelance Social Media Manager

Emily Bediako – Manifest Your Dream Business

Ruth Gilbey – Pricing And Money Mindset – Why Setting Your Prices Feels So Awkward And How To Fix That

Lianne Harris – How To Boost Your Business With Pinterest

Vicki Weinberg – How to create a product to sell

Jen Tsang – Work Smarter Not Harder: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

Find out more about the sessions and speakers

How to Hype Yourself with Lucy Werner

Lucy Werner is founder of Hype Yourself  an online DIY platform for small businesses to learn how to build their brand and do publicity for themselves. She has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs through workshops and talks for Cass Business School, Courier magazine, Hatch Enterprise, UAL & UCL.

She has also written two bestselling books, Hype Yourself and Brand Yourself. Most recently named a Startups 21 most influential women of 2021 and The Dots 100 Rising Stars two years in a row. She is also an Adobe Express global ambassador and Domestika instructor.

In this session Lucy is going to talk about the importance of personal branding for start-ups and how female founders can incorporate this into their brand. We will look at how to refine your story and values, choose some visual elements and and learn how to unleash your personal style. Including do’s and don’ts for getting yourself out there. The session will be crammed full of tips and resources, so make sure you bring your notebook!

Unleash your Niche with Faye Ceyhan

Entrepreneur, Coach and all round magical being, Faye has set up 2 very successful businesses that are both a very small niche. In this session she will to talk about how she’s built her businesses and used Instagram to attract the right followers as well as created an amazing community. She knows many small business owners are scared to niche down but she’ll share some tips to help you unleash your niche.

Faye is an inspirational woman and mother. She built a business up from scratch in lockdown and made it her mission to help as many women as she can have better birth experiences via birth education and hypnobirthing.  She has since built up another business teaching other hypnobirthing teachers how to use Instagram and make a big impact.

Create a high-converting content marketing plan with Charelle Griffith 

Content plays a major role in marketing a business online. However, to get the best results you need to plan in advance and ensure your content is designed for leads, not just likes. 

In this session, Charelle will share her tried-and-tested method for planning high-converting content, across email, social media and long-form content. You’ll leave confident about how to create a plan that you can stick to and that will generate sales. 

Charelle Griffith is a Chartered Marketer, award-winning content marketer, blogger, podcaster and online business owner. Charelle specialises in helping solopreneurs and micro business owners who are small in team size, but big in ambition. 

Through her business, Charelle offers 1:1 consulting, mentoring and training around the world. She helps coaches, consultants and online service providers to create content that attracts and converts their dream clients, grow their business, and ultimately build a business they love, and that pays them properly!

Simple Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners with Mel Booth

In this session Social Media Consultant Mel will show you how to produce a simple social media strategy for your small business, to help you keep focus and targeted.  She will take you through why having a plan is the key to success as well as help you understand who you want to reach out to and where you can best do that. She’ll also share tips for when you’re short on time and teach you how to know if your plan is working.

Mel Booth co-founded social media consultancy Marketing Lab with Klara Akerstrom in 2015. Their aim is to provide high quality professional consultancy services to businesses that want to partner with approachable consultants that can quickly understand their challenges in social media marketing and solve them! 

Both Klara and Mel were made redundant following the birth of their second child and a discussion in the school playground led to the realisation that both wanted to work in way that allowed clients to still benefit from their expertise and knowledge but that could also blend with supporting young families. Since then they have worked across a range of sectors guiding both small and medium size businesses with their practical and actionable advice.

Get your business known through your personal brand with Ella Orr

Let’s dispel the belief that personal branding is a concept created by marketers and only for celebrities and people in the public eye. It’s also for you. Your personal brand means having a strong foundation which helps to focus your content, show your personality and expertise as well as your offers. Your personal brand means visibility online and offline.

In this session Ella will take you through

  • how to create a strong message for your personal brand to complement your business brand
  • give a strategy for creating content for your personal brand, so you are found and remembered by your ideal customers

Ella Orr is a personal branding and social media strategist and the owner of Much More Social, which she started in 2018. Before retraining in social media marketing, she was a teacher for many years.

Ella runs individual and group training as well as consultancy on personal branding, social media strategy and content creation. She delivers masterclasses to memberships and has been a guest on podcasts, for which she has a Spotify playlist of appearances, and live stream interviews.

She delivers LinkedIn training, her favourite platform, but is also an avid content creator on her Instagram and TikTok platforms.

How your socials and website can work together to maximise sales for your business with Charlotte Wise

In this session, digital marketing consultant Charlotte will explain how your social media and website presence can work together to maximise sales for your small business.

She will include:

  • Why your website is just as important as your socials
  • How to link your social media content to your website and vice versa
  • How to use your social media and website together to improve your customer journey.

Charlotte Pink was set up by Charlotte Wise, an award-winning entrepreneur and mum of 2 based in Kent. She is a qualified digital marketing consultant with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience. Charlotte took the leap to become self-employed shortly after having her first child and she is passionate about helping parents succeed in business

Social Media Strategy Made Easy with Brianna Harvey

A social media strategy doesn’t need to be dozens of pages long or complicated in any way. In this session, Social Media Marketing Specialist Brianna breaks it down into easy steps to outline the who, what, why, when, where and how of your social media to make it more streamlined and effective in connecting with the right audience.

Brianna Harvey is the founder of award-winning business, Digital Flamingo. She loves working with SMEs to create unique and creative content in a way that ensures a healthy digital presence that creates and fosters relationships with audiences while being your most authentic self.

Digital Flamingo helps SMEs stand out of the crowd in a busy digital scene with tailored social media solutions that are more streamlined and less overwhelming. This includes offering bespoke social media training for businesses and social media marketing consultancy.

5 ways to promote your brand for free with Rhea Freeman

Promoting your brand doesn’t have to cost a fortune, in fact there’s a lot you can do for free. In this session, you’ll learn five ways to promote your brand for free, we’ll cover:

  • How to feature in magazines
  • Why you need to have a social media presence
  • How to start and grow your mailing list
  • The value of collaborations
  • Why public speaking helps to grow a brand

…all free, easy and highly effective ways to help your brand grow.

Rhea Freeman is a multi award winning PR adviser, Meta Lead Trainer, social media expert, business coach and mentor, and best selling author of business book Small & Supercharged – small steps to grow your brand on a budget. She’s also a TEDx speaker, guest lecturer at two universities and writes for national and industry specific publications.

Aligning Your Business With The Moon with Jenna Ewing

It might be woo woo for some but according to coach Jenna Ewing, tuning into the lunar cycle can be massively beneficial especially to mothers and mothers running their own businesses!  It’s a tool that can help you connect with yourself and what you really want to achieve in your business and can even help you talk in an authentic way (which we know is really important when creating content on social media!)

According to Jenna the lunar cycle can teach us when it’s time to be mega productive and when to slow down and reflect, it’s so easy to get burnt out from social media, and then throw in the mental load. It’s a lot! Her mission is to reach as many mums as possible and help them align themselves and their businesses with the moon and in this session she will do just that! Keeping things simple she’ll share easy steps you can follow and practical ways to apply it to your business.

Jenna is a coach specialising in Moon Magic and is mum to two girls, 5 and 2. For many years Jenna was a PA however after Covid decided to set up her own biz as a VA, but it just wasn’t lighting her up, and she felt something was missing, enter Moon Magic.

She discovered keeping in alignment with the moon helped her to keep in alignment with herself and it’s now her mission to teach you how to do the same. Because mums all need reminding to prioritise themselves and that our ambitions and dreams can be realised!

How to Engage Effectively and Build your Community on Instagram with Anna Skipwith

Are you unsure how each part of Instagram is best used to build a community around your business? Do you struggle to better engage with your fellow businesses and your potential customers on Instagram?

In this session:

  • Anna from will show you how to best engage with your followers and your target audience 

  • She’ll look at 5 different areas of Instagram and how to make the most of them with the goal of increasing engagement on your account.
  • You’ll come away with easy to implement strategies that will only take a few minutes a day!

Anna at supports small businesses and freelancers looking to use social media more effectively. She helps them build a community to promote their message.

Anna offers 1:1 and group training as well as consultancy. She offers platform audits, content and strategy sessions. Her training style breaks topics down into step by step learning – she’s determined her clients understand what to do and, crucially, why.

Anna’s previous career was in PR so business communication is very much her “thing”. She’ll certainly encourage you to engage on social media, in a way that suits your brand and your personality.

How to quickly grow an email list full of dream clients using simple, effective Facebook Ads with Sophie Griffiths

Whether your aim is to get fully booked or to scale with a group programme, you need a consistent flow of dream clients coming into your world. Combining low cost FB Ads with email marketing is a sustainable, long term strategy to grow your business – without needing to be on social media 24/7.

In this session Facebook Ads expert Sophie Griffiths from The Social Pod we will look at:

  • How to know if you should be running ads (or not!)
  • The most effective campaign to use to quickly build your list
  • 3 common mistakes to avoid when you are setting up your campaign
  • The difference between a campaign that gets leads and a campaign that gets dream clients
  • How much to ads really cost

If there is one thing Sophie loves more than a cup of tea in a beautiful mug and a chocolate hobnob (the king of biscuits, no?), it’s helping women get confident using Facebook™️ Ads to consistently bring dream clients into their world, so they can fill their diary or scale their group programme. She works with women who have big ambitions but limited time, which describes her perfectly! Like many of us Sophie juggles working around the school drop offs and (many) clubs and playdates! She will usually be found with a cup of tea in hand and wearing activewear she has no intention of being active in! 

Are your next clients on LinkedIn? with Yolanda Sissing

Are you potentially ignoring LinkedIn, the platform with 65 Million Business Decision-Makers who could be waiting to hit your inbox? During this masterclass, Yolanda will be covering four powerfully simple and actionable LinkedIn strategies to take the stress out of LinkedIn for newbies and inspire business owners to take dormant profiles to conversation starters without the cringe. Let’s maximise your impact on LinkedIn without wasting hours every day? 

  • Nail the basics with a magnetic bio 
  • Take the guesswork out of finding your dream clients 
  • Know how to use LinkedIn to purposefully build connections 
  • Walk away with 30 content ideas that appeals & attracts connections from your ideal clients

Yolanda is the founder of social media company Pinkleaf Social. She is an activist, serial volunteer, blogger, feminist, public speaker, conscious parent and a storyteller. Her career started as a journalist writing front page news articles for national newspapers. She soon swayed into the charity sector before qualifying as a social media marketer.

She is passionate about helping purpose-driven business owners rise above the noise on social media with in-depth, data-led content strategies, bespoke training to help businesses fully harness the power of the platforms they’re using and coaching teams to work together to create stand-out content that’s heart-centred, tells a story, and sets them apart from competitors without pumping their profits into ads.

How to create a marketing campaign plan with Tamara Holland

In this session Marketing Consultant Tamara Holland of Dot & Stripe will show you how a marketing campaign plan can create a clear path to promote your business on social media.

She will teach you:

  • How to decide what to focus your campaigns on
  • Where to start with creating a marketing campaign plan
  • How to create a plan that can get your results
  • How to analyse what success will look like

Tamara Holland is a Marketing Strategist, coffee addict and mum of two. She knows that sharing the joy of what you do with your perfect customers can be tricky. You might not be ready to Do-it-yourself or have the budget to completely outsource- you just need the 1:1 expertise, support and accountability to get marketing DONE. 

Her one to one marketing support package combines online or face to face support and guidance with access to a toolkit of training and resources to make those big transformations in your business.

Reels made Simple with Nicola Webster

In this session Social Media Expert Nicola Webster will explain what, why and how to use Instagram Reels to grow your business. It will cover;

  • An overview of the basics of creating Reels 
  • Hints, tips and tricks to create Reels quickly
  • Filming and photography guide to Reels 
  • Using transitions to keep your audience watching
  • Ideas to kickstart your Reels 

Nicola is a Social Media Strategist. She specialises in helping businesses get seen on social, ensuring that social media isn’t an afterthought. Nicola’s background is brand licensing, bringing brands to life through products and experiences. The combination of this experience and her social media expertise, means Nicola is perfectly placed to bring your products, services and businesses to life on social media.

How to generate creative ideas with Hannah Gee

In this session Hannah will teach you how to think outside the box and connect with your audience. She’ll also talk you through how to have an original creative idea and why it’s OK to borrow someone else’s idea too. Finally she’ll show you how to get great PR and use that to grow your Instagram following.

Hannah Gee was the Creative Director and Founder of Love Inc. Ltd, an online retailer that creates and sells luxury, high-end interior ‘statement’ pieces.  Ranging from neon lights to hand-poured candles, each item is infused with meaning (expressed as an aptly timed phrase or statement) to fill a house with soul and make the recipient feel loved.  She sold her business in December 2021 and is now building a career in poetry.

The Strategy Shift  – Go From Hired Help To Specialist Support (And Charge Accordingly!) with Lucy Green

No more selling slots in your diary as a Coach, Consultant, Therapist or Educator – it’s time to figure out how to step into a more strategic role and remodel your business so you’re making money and signing clients based on the impact you make with your work, not the hours you offer.

In this session we will cover:

  • How to identify your unique strategic support system; and demonstrate your value
  • The 3 mindset shifts you need to make when charging for value, not time
  • Who the clients are who are ready, willing and able to buy from you right now

Lucy is a Business Coach and Strategist. She helps restless and dissatisfied but big-thinking women in business to find the self-belief to build the business and life they want, with more income, impact and freedom and less overwhelm. Lucy supports clients via her signature 1:1 and group coaching programmes, where together she works with her clients to create the big, bold business they dream of and bring it to life, too.

Her clients have built six-figure ventures, left corporate careers, retrained in totally different disciplines, successfully tripled rates, launched businesses and monetised creative skillsets. Nothing is off the table.

Storytelling your business solution with Laura Steerman

Telling your story and why your product, service or business matters conveys meaning to your audience to engage, entertain and build emotional attachment, curiosity, value and community around your brand.

This session is not about Instagram stories but the narrative you share about you and your business to build your audience, drive success and make it all matter. It will cover;

  • success story examples
  • 4 types of story to tell
  • 6 rules of storytelling
  • social media success by telling your story

Laura Steerman is a Lawyer turned artist who is finding success through her own personal journey and business model of telling client stories through ultrasound art and her business QuaintBaby Art.

Make a Successful Plan for your Business with Natalie Gurluk

With a Business Plan, your business will thrive, it will help you map out the future of your business and also ensure you are in the know regarding competitors and what they are doing.  If you create a plan you will have a visual of what you want to achieve in the next year but also it will help you map out your goals. 

These days your Business Plan isn’t just a boring report that no one will see but an inspiring document you will use in the day to day running of your business.

Natalie from Business Coaching by Natalie has been helping people set up in business and become entrepreneurs for over 16 years.  She has helped people learn the tricks to set up with no money or investment and has also worked for the Start Up Loans, a government funding company to help people achieve a small loan to invest into their business idea, so whatever you are doing or want to do, she can assist you in Business Planning, Cash Flow Forecasts, Book Keeping, Time Management, Social Media Strategy or Health and Wellbeing for Self-employed people. 

How to promote your event on Facebook, without paying for Ads with Claire Clark

To hold a successful event you need to get people through the doors. In this session Social Media Marketing Consultant Claire who specialises in building online communities around events and festivals will share her 10 point plan for using Facebook to promote your event. She’ll show you how to target people in the local area and generate a buzz around your event without having to pay for Ads.

Claire is the founder of Juniper Bloom Social Media. She runs the social media for events such as book festivals, music festivals and yoga festivals, as well as working with small businesses and individuals selling their services. She’s always happy to chat about anything social media, preferably over a coffee and a jaffa cake!

Overcome Overwhelm with Emma Jefferys

If you always feel like there is too much to do and too little time then this is the session for you. Hugely practical with tips and tools you’ll benefit from the moment you leave the zoom room.

You’ll learn:

  • How you are currently using time and how to use it more wisely
  • How to be the boss of the endless to-do list once and for all
  • A life-changing prioritisation concept that you’ll come back to time and time again
  • Mindset tools to keep you feeling in control

Plus every attendee will get a free Action Planner download and motivational screensaver worth £10.

Having spent over 20 years devising marketing and growth strategies for big brands, Emma then trained to become a Professional Coach (counting emotional intelligence and NLP tools amongst many in her kit bag), launching Action Woman® to help individuals and small businesses grow as much as those brands.

Her approach is down-to-earth and focused on the sweet spot of where illumination meets action. As she’s quick to point out… nothing changes if nothing changes.

Emma is also the creator of The Action Planning system – a simple and highly effective method of planning time in a way that creates accountability but flex.

How to become a Successful Freelance Social Media Manager with Gemma Lloyd

In 2015 Gemma changed career and trained to become a Social Media Manager in a bid to find a more flexible career to fit around her two young children. She hasn’t looked back and has since worked with a large number of parent focused businesses, some managing their social media long term and others on shorter term campaigns to launch new products or services.

As well as training small business owners to use social media more effectively she has also trained and mentored over 30 women in small groups to become Social Media Managers through the Social Media Manager Programme which she launched in 2020.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already working as a Social Media Manager or you’re thinking about becoming one, in this session, the founder of Social Mum, Gemma Lloyd will share some tips on how to make it in a competitive industry.

Manifest Your Dream Business with Emily Bediako

Are you ready to elevate your business and life to the next level of success? Join Emily’s session and learn the core principles of law of attraction and manifestation and how to intentionally use this to your advantage, so you can finally build a business that lights you up every day!

During this empowering session we will cover the following topics:

  • The concept of The Law of Attraction – find out how it works and how you can use it to manifest what you desire.
  • Avoid common mistakes when manifesting.
  • Techniques for setting powerful intentions that help us manifest our goals faster & easier.
  • My 7-step proven process to manifest anything – including your dream business!

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of manifestation, as well as actionable strategies that you can apply right away in order to bring more abundance into your life – both personal and professional!

Emily Bediako is a Psycho-Spiritual Business and Life Coach & Mentor and the Creator of Emily Empowers®. She supports female Coaches, Therapists, Healers and Service providers to ditch the fear and confusion that stops them from launching or growing their business.

She provides women with the tools needed to gain clarity, create a simplistic plan and develop the confidence to take consistent, aligned action.

With 10 years of coaching/mentoring experience, Emily understands the challenges women face when it comes to building a successful business. Drawing on her background in Psychotherapy, Trauma recovery, Spiritual Development work and Smart Business Strategy – Emily blends the Woo & Wisdom with the Work!

Her signature integrative approach helps her clients identify their own Unique Soul Strategy™️ that aligns with their values and goals, and creates real tangible results!

Pricing And Money Mindset – Why Setting Your Prices Feels So Awkward And How To Fix That with Ruth Gilbey

There’s a whole lot more to setting your prices than multiplying your rate by time (FYI that is NOT how you should be setting your prices). In this session Ruth will dig into the root cause of your pricing problems your money mindset. Learn the importance of aligning business financial management with personal goals.

Ruth Gilbey is a qualified Business and marketing coach specialising in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and their marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work. Supporting clients to get results through 1-2-1 coaching, strategy, training and group programmes.

How To Boost Your Business With Pinterest with Lianne Harris

Pinterest is one of the many ways that can boost traffic to your website, if used properly of course. There has been several updates over the past five years that has helped businesses be successful and in this session Pinterest Expert Lianne wants to show you how it can help you too!

Lianne is a highly organised, Pinterest Expert and Social Media Manager with over 4 years’ experience in creating, maintaining and growing Pinterest and Social Media accounts.

In this time she worked with Clients on their social media platforms all around the world and has also spoken nationally and internationally at numerous events, workshops and summits teaching entrepreneurs how to use social media for their businesses.

How to create a product to sell with Vicki Weinberg

In this session Vicki will give you an overview of the process of creating a product to sell, including her own experience of launching a baby products brand in 2016.


  • The benefits of having a product to sell (even if you already offer a service)
  • How to come up with ideas for products
  • The product creation process – step-by-step
  • Where you can sell your product

Vicki Weinberg founded Tiny Chipmunk, a bamboo baby brand, when her second baby was just 6 weeks old.  

After years working in corporate roles, she wanted to work around her family and do something where the money she earnt didn’t necessarily have to equate to the hours she put in.  Selling products seemed to be the answer.

Vicki experienced first-hand how difficult and confusing the product creation process can be. She now offers simple, friendly support and consultancy for anyone who wants to create their own products to sell and specialises in selling on Amazon.

Work Smarter Not Harder: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Profession with Jen Tsang

If you’re looking to turn your passion into your profession? Then this session is for you. Find out how Jen went from 9-5 to remotely working with independent ski and snowsports businesses to manage all aspects of their Social Media Marketing.

She’ll talk you through how she built up a successful business in less than 12 months by focusing on a micro-niche of her industry and creating specific content and services for them.

She’ll teach you how to;

  • Find your community & connect meaningfully with them
  • Filter out the rest of the social media noise
  • Find your voice to stand out in a crowd.

After graduating from University with a marketing degree, Jen headed to the Alps to do “just one ski season.” Nearly 20 years later, Jen never left the stunning ski resort of La Plagne. She now lives there with her husband and 2 ski-crazy boys. Working in both hospitality and marketing for most of her professional life, Jen was tired of working hard for other people! Covid was the much-needed push for her to finally realise the dream of working for herself, setting up Jen Tsang Marketing in 2020.