Social Media Manager Essentials Pack

Would you like all of the tools and templates needed to run your business as a freelance Social Media Manager?

Getting everything set up so you can go on and manage clients effectively can be incredibly time consuming. Which is where we can help!

When putting together our Social Media Manager Programme we created all of the tools and templates needed to become a freelance Social Media Manager and now we’re making them available to you in our Essentials Pack.

If you’re looking for training to become a Social Media Manager then our Social Media Manager Online Course or Social Media Manager Programme are what you need.

But if you know how to do the job and just want to make your life easier then get access to our Essentials Pack today!

What’s included

  • Nine fully customisable Canva Templates
  • Over 20 downloable worksheets
  • Two adaptable spreadsheet templates

Everything you need to run your business as a freelance Social Media Manager all for the introductory price of £195.

Here’s the full list of everything that’s included;

To help you win and get started with new clients

  • The Discovery call worksheet so you can ask all the right questions and get all the information needed for the a great proposal.
  • The Proposal Template in Canva to help you win the perfect clients.
  • The Client Welcome Pack Template in Canva so you can get the relationship off to a great start.
  • The Onboarding Questionnaire – 26 questions you need to ask a new client.
  • A formal Client Agreement template so you can make sure clients agree to your terms.
  • A less formal Client Agreement that you can also adapt to work for you.
  • And finally the new client checklist to make sure you don’t miss any vital steps when beginning work with a new client.

It’s important when working with clients that you manage them strategically. In this section of the Essentials Pack you will get all of the worksheets and templates to put together a comprehensive social media strategy

  • The SMART Social Media Goals Worksheet with tips and advice on setting the right goals.
  • The user persona worksheet and advice on getting to know those ideal customers.
  • The tone of voice worksheet along with an exercise to help you develop this successfully.
  • The competitor analysis worksheet to make sure you’re keeping an eye on what they’re up to.
  • The content pillars worksheet and instructions on how to create this handy content planning tool.
  • The mission statement worksheet with our model for writing the perfect mission statement.
  • And finally the all important Social Media Strategy template in Canva that you can send to clients.

Carrying out social media audits is essential for any new clients plus it’s one of the most popular additional services you can offer as a social media professional.

  • The Facebook Page Quick Audit Worksheet to check it is fully optimised before you begin posting.
  • The Facebook Page Audit Template in Canva that you can use to offer this additional service.
  • The Instagram Account Quick Audit Worksheet to make the account is optimised.
  • The Instagram Audit Template in Canva that will be a popular one with clients.
  • The Twitter Account Quick Audit Template to get the account up to date.
  • And also the Twitter Audit Template in Canva that could be combined with the other templates to create a comprehensive social media audit.

As a Social Media Manager it’s important to be organised when planning and creating content for clients. In this section of the Essentials Pack you’ll find some tools which will help you do just that.

  • The Brand Identity template for any businesses you work with that haven’t got a clear set of guidelines.
  • The Printable Weekly Content Calendar for those that like to plan the old fashioned way.
  • The Content Calendar Spreadsheet that has been created in Google Sheets so you can make a copy and then adapt to work for you.
  • We also share our tried and tested Instagram hashtag strategy along with a useful template that you can use to research your own.

The final section of the Essentials Pack will help you create those all important client reports.

  • The Facebook Page Insights and Top Posts Templates allow you to quickly record those weekly Facebook stats and keep track of what is working well.
  • The Instagram Insights and Top Posts Templates can be updated weekly so you are monitoring your performance.
  • The Twitter Analytics and Top Tweets Templates are a great way to track all the important metrics on the platform.
  • The Basic Client Report Template in Canva is for those clients that don’t need indepth monthly reporting but just an overview of the top line data.
  • And finally the Detailed Client Report Template in Canva has been set up to give your client all of the metrics they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Canva Pro account to access the templates set up in Canva?

No you can use a free Canva account. However as a Social Media Professional Canva is an incredible tool so upgrading to Pro is something we do think it’s worth investing in.

How long will I get access to the Essentials Pack?

You will get lifetime access to everything currently in the Essentials Pack plus any future updates and additional tools and templates we add will also be made available to you.

Will the price of the Essentials Pack go up?

Yes, we know that £195 is incredible value for everything included and it will save you hours of time so is worth the investment. Therefore the price will go up after this introductory offer ends.

I’m just starting out as a Social Media Manager, will the Essentials Pack teach me how to do the job?

No it won’t teach you how to use the platforms effectively for clients or how to build your business as a Social Media Manager, that is what our Social Media Manager Online Course or Social Media Manager Programme are for. They will give you the skills needed to attract and find your dream clients and show you how to build relationships and work with them like a pro.

You can find out more about what is included in the table below.