Using Twitter for your Business

Twitter is a great platform for small businesses to connect with a relevant, engaged audience. This two hour workshop is perfect for anyone who is fairly new to the platform who would like to learn how to get the best from it.

What will we cover?

  • Creating and optimising your Twitter profile.
  • How to create tweets that engage your audience.
  • How to make the most of hashtags on Twitter
  • Learn how to effectively use lists, retweets and comments.
  • Getting social with Twitter Chats.
  • Checking your Insights
  • Finally we’ll look at some of the Twitter scheduling tools available as well as answering any questions you may have.

What happens after the workshop?

You will also get access to the training materials in a private Facebook group for 8 weeks after the workshop, where you can go over everything again in your own time. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have once you to start to put your new skills into practice.

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