Shabana Kausur, Oxfordshire

Shabana is the Social Mum Pro for Oxfordshire. She is a freelance social media consultant and lives in Oxford with her husband and 2 children.

With over 10 years’ experience in corporate sales and account management, Shabana decided to make a career change to suit her young family. She invested in professional training and studied the Digital Mums Social Media Management course in order to pursue her ambition to become a Social Media Consultant. After 6 months of intense training (and a break!) she set herself up as a freelance consultant and never looked back.

Helping small businesses grow has been Shabana’s passion from early on and now she can do just that through workshops and one to one training.

In her spare time, Shabana and her family love spending time outdoors, gardening and days out. She is also hoping to renew her baking hobby when she can find some spare time!

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