Social Mums Virtual Conference 2022

The Social Mums Virtual Conference has finished but don’t worry you can still get access to the recordings to watch back.

It was an incredible 2 days with 13 value packed sessions from inspirational speakers covering covering all areas of social media marketing including talks on strategy, brand personality and content planning as well as training on Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok.

All of the sessions were tailored to small business owners who do it all themselves and there was so much helpful advice shared, every session was packed full of value.

The recordings of all the sessions are exclusively available to our Members Community which you can join today for only £22 per month (no minimum membership required, you can cancel at any time).

By joining the Members Community you will also get..

  • Instant access to our membership site that contains 50 additional masterclasses and training videos.
  • All of our downloadable worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets to help with your social media planning.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask your social media questions to our experts and network with other members.
  • Relaxed, informal online monthly networking where you can connect with members and promote what you do.
  • Twice monthly brainstorming sessions where you can apply to be in the hot seat.
  • Monthly goal setting sessions so you can be held accountable to reach those goals.
  • A monthly round up of the latest social media updates, news, recommendations and research that are important to small business owners.


The latest social media news and updates you need to know about with Gemma Lloyd

Gemma is the founder of Social Mums and is passionate about helping small business owners who juggle running a successful business, with family life, make the best of their social media. After a long career in marketing, she has been specialising in social media for the last 7 years and training small business owners since 2017.

Gemma is hosting the whole event and in the first session of the day she is going to take you through the most important social media news and updates that you need to know about.

It’s not easy as a small business owner keeping up with the world of social media. There are always new features and updates to understand and learn how to use (we’re mostly talking about you Instagram!).

In this session Gemma will show you how the updates work and talk you through exactly what it means for your business and how you can make the most of it.

This is something she does every single month within the Members Community and one you don’t want to miss if you want to finally feel like you fully understand the latest updates.

Brand Voice V Tone of voice – Nailing your brand personality on social media with Emily O’Brien

To succeed in social media, you need to be recognisable. Trustworthy. Consistent. When users are scrolling, how do you ensure that your content and posts are instantly recognised as you?

You will have heard of the importance of defining your tone of voice, to be relevant and considerate of your audience. However, have you considered your entire brand voice?

This session will explore how to:

  • identify your brand voice
  • create appropriate tones of voice for your content pillars and platforms
  • ensure your brand effectively communicates who you are, and why your audience should care.

With a background of working for a brand and digital agency and a large cancer charity – Emily loves working with businesses to explore their objectives, proposition, brand values and story to deliver excellent and engaging marketing campaigns and content.

Emily set up Content by Emily in June 2022, after finishing maternity leave with her identical twin girls. She’s also Mum to a 3 year old, and a bengal cat called Cleo, who is often the most demanding of the four.

4 ways to market your business as a brand that cares with Yolanda Sissing

In this session Social Media expert Yolanda will talk you through how your small business can stand out as a brand that cares in the ever changing social media landscape. She’ll show you some common mistakes small business owners make on social media so you can be sure to avoid them as well as the biggest growth opportunities in 2022. Then she’ll share her 4 top tips for a purpose-led marketing strategy, so you can market your business as a brand that cares.

Yolanda is the founder of social media company Pinkleaf Social. She is an activist, serial volunteer, blogger, feminist, public speaker, conscious parent and a storyteller. Her career started as a journalist writing front page news articles for national newspapers. She soon swayed into the charity sector. For over a decade, she shared the powerful stories of thousands of Londoners who wanted to make a difference in their communities.

Currently, as a social media guru, she is passionate about helping purpose driven business owners rise above the noise on social media with standout marketing strategies and scroll stopping content that’s heart-centred and impactful. She deeply cares about growing social media organically, without pumping profits into ads. 

How to get Reel results from your Instagram with Ana Bonasera

In this session Confidence Coach and best-selling author Ana takes us through exactly why Instagram Reels are important for your small business. She’ll show you how they can help you get more engagement plus she shares a sandwich formula to help you get Reel Results.

Ana is passionate about helping women show up online, feeling confident on camera with Instagram Reels to get the visibility and success they deserve.

Ana is a wife and mum of 4 boys, including her twins who have autism. Since Ana was 18 she has known she wanted to work for herself and over 11 years has experienced a variety of business models. At 21 she was a newly single mother to three children under 18 months and has been self-employed ever since.

After 12 years in business Ana finally found her calling, empowering women to find self-love and confidence and has published several best-selling books. Her mission is to give women the confidence to use short form video to help them work less but earn more.

You can find out more about Ana’s business Badass Business Babes Club here.

Hope is not a strategy with Ashleigh Watson

In this session Marketing Communications Professional Ashleigh will share her 7 step framework to social media success. By the end of this session you will not only have a better understanding of what a social media strategy is but also the difference it can make to grow your business.

Ashleigh Watson, owner of Copper Square, is a Social Media Consultant who partners with brands, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands on social media.

With over 18 years industry experience, Ashleigh knows the difference a Social Media Strategy can make, the importance of connecting with your audience and remembering that people and purpose are at the heart of all that you do.

Ashleigh has spoken at Social Media Savvy in Belfast, Digital Women events in the UK and was part of a panel of female entrepreneurs event hosted by Amazon in 2021. Ashleigh is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Get Instagram Christmas Cracked with Lara Cooper and Danielle Young

Imagine not having to rack your brain for Instagram content during the busiest time of the year. Get Christmas Cracked is an actionable and jam packed session to help you make the most of Christmas for your business.

This session is for you if you want to reach more potential customers and connect with your existing customers on Instagram this festive season.

Social Media Strategists Danielle and Lara will take you through creating your festive campaign.  You will finish brimming with ideas and motivation having taken one step closer to a happier, stress free Christmas.

Danielle Young and Lara Cooper have been helping businesses, big and small, with their marketing and PR strategies for more than two decades. They have worked with some of the top brands on the high street such as Breast Cancer Care, Warner Bros, Boots, Asda, Argos, Joules, Sony, House of Fraser, Topshop and River Island.

Danielle and Lara met at the school gates and bonded over their love of discovering new brands on Instagram. Since launching Young & Cooper over two years ago, their combined forces have worked on campaigns for independent schools, charities and lifestyle brands, whilst juggling the demands of seven children, two dogs, one hamster and two husbands

Panel Discussion on the future of social media for small business owners with Ana Bonasera, Lara Cooper, Danielle Young and Anna Skipwith

Join host Gemma Lloyd and four of our social media experts for a talk all about the future of social media marketing for small business owners.

We’ll take you through our predictions for how the world of social media will evolve over the next few years and what you as a small business owner can do right now to keep up.

How to be yourself on social media (relax, enjoy it and connect) with Emily Love

With all the noise surrounding social media and how we have to show up regularly to promote our business, be more visible and get seen, often the essence of what social media really is all about can be lost. Essentially it is about human connection.

This session will re-ignite you with who you are, what you want to say and why you want to say it. It will allow you to connect in a real and authentic way with others and in a way that feels just “right” for you. It will take the stress, angst and ‘must do’ out of your social media strategy so that you can really relish what you do, show up as your real self and get much more comfortable with being yourself online.

This session will include some meditation and gentle movement as well as confidence boosting exercises to re-connect with yourself.

Emily is the founder of Smitten.Love a Love and MatchMaking Agency which shows you how to connect with your heart in order to get into a great new relationship. She has run several  businesses. These include: a VA Biz, a Cleaning Biz, a Video Production company and has taught  dance in residential care homes. She has also taught small business owners how to do their own PR and coached them to be more themselves in their work and express who they are in the world.

Emily uses a carefully and deeply crafted process based on intuition, connection, energy and love. It can take you on a journey inside your heart and help you to be more of who you are. She can help you to  release and unblock old patterns so that you feel enthused about your potential and great about yourself. Emily uses practical, energetic, intuitive and alchemical tools of change.

Content planning your way with Corinne Wallington

As a small business owner you get to choose how you run your business; and your social media content is no different!

In this session Social Media Expert Corinne will take you through:

  • Why planning your content is important (and better than winging it!)
  • The core elements you need for your content planning
  • How to do it your way to suit your personality & style (whether you’re a planner or always last minute)

Corinne is a freelance Social Media Consultant, focused on working with ambitious solopreneurs to uncomplicate their social media content so they can grow their community & build their business, whilst actually enjoying themselves!

She is a big believer that whatever you’re doing you should always find some enjoyment in it, and social media is no different. By keeping it simple with straightforward and practical advice, Corinne supports and equips you with the knowledge & confidence you need to manage your own social media.

You can find out more about how you can work with Corinne here.

Social media marketing for local businesses with Lynda Pepper

There are millions of potential customers on social media. But what if you just need to reach a few thousand where you live? In this session Social Media Marketer Lynda will help you to establish yourself as the “go to” person in your local community. You’ll leave with actionable tips so that you can take action to build your brand on social media and reach your local audience.

Lynda Pepper has been a freelance social media marketing manager for 5 years. Prior to this she ran a gift retail business, where she learned social “on the job”. She loves helping overwhelmed business owners to create a simple plan and take the next best step with their marketing. Plus her superpower is helping small business owners reach their local audiences. 

It’s time to get on TikTok with Emma York

If you are looking for more reach and engagement on social media start creating, or make more, short form video content. And upload it to TikTok!

No longer can we ignore this channel, users want to engage with your content and you could see greater reach and brand awareness. In this session Emma will show you how to get started with TikTok for your small business.

Emma York is a social media trainer, digital marketing specialist and founder of Fresh Approach Digital.

Social media, data (and tea) are what she loves and she has been working with business social media campaigns for over 12 years.

She has also been a speaker at UK and International events on a wide range of social media topics from Instagram Reels and social media analytics to Google Ads and content strategy.

How to build a strategy and stay focussed with Fatema Haji

Are you a business owner struggling to maintain all the social media platforms for your business; trying to post content to so many different platforms but not achieving much? 

In this session you will learn how to overcome social media overwhelm by identifying what social media platforms you should be visible on, identifying where your ideal customer hangs out, how to learn more about them and what they want and what you should consider when putting together your social media strategy. 

Fatema Haji started her marketing career straight out of university by joining the Governments communications teams. She has worked with high-level government departments creating marketing strategies and plans.

After having children, Fatema has been working alongside small independently owned businesses to help them become visible in their local communities and the online world.

She was part of the first cohort to complete her Social Mums Social Media Manager Programme training in 2019 and has grown from strength to strength working with small businesses to build social media strategies, content creation and PR. She also provides Facebook advertising services for her clients.

You can find out more about working with Fatema here.

Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Small Businesses with Wendy Wyss

Discover 10 simple yet impactful ways that small businesses can make the most of LinkedIn’s features to build meaningful Connections, Engagement and Leads.

Drawing on over 15 years experience in Marketing, Wendy now works with small business owners including start-ups and mums in business who would like to upskill in social media and gain the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to use social media themselves to reach and engage their audiences.

She offers 1-1 and group training sessions online or in-person around Sevenoaks and Kent, focused on Social Media Strategy as well as platform-specific training on Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram and LinkedIn. Trainings are hands on with tailored examples and advice, allowing clients to action what they have learned straight away.

You can find out more about working with Wendy here.